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Amethyst has healing powers that can help with healing for the mind body and spirit in energy healing and chakra balancing.


This crystal is extremely beneficial at calming the mind, mentally it can help you be more focused and in control. It enhances decision making process, bringing in common sense and spiritual insights.


Amethyst also helps improve your memory, it also balances out highs and lows and dispels anger, rage, and anxiety alleviating sadness and grief and coming to terms with loss.


Amethyst is associated with the month February, when the Romans dedicated it to Neptune the God of water and is known as the birthstone of that month.


Amethyst is repeated to control negative evil thought it was considered to be a powerful psychic storing of protection against witchcraft and black magic.


If worn it is said to protect the wearer from disease.


In the spiritual world Amethyst provides a connection to the divine.


Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, promoting love of the divine!


Healing properties: Amethyst strengthens and cleanses the immune system and metabolism.


It eases head aches and tension. The stone reduces bruising, injuries and swellings, and treats hearing disorders and helps with the digestive tract.




Wear or place it as appropriate, especially if it's jewellery.


It is beneficial to wear it over the throat or heart. Place it under your pillow for insomnia and nightmares.