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Buying Tumblestones

Our Tumblestones are sold by weight. In most cases you can buy a range of weights from 10 grams upwards. In some case where the density and size are larger they may start from 20 grams or 50 grams.


As the density and size of crystals are different, the amount per bag may vary but the weight will always be correct.


In the description box under the product it will show approximately how many tumblestones you will receive for the weight purchased.


Some crystals are only sold in one weight size because of the inflexibility in the size of the stones, these include Rose Quartz Rough, sold in 200 gram bags & Rough Black Obsidian, which are sold in 100 gram bags.


As Crystals are natural objects, there colour and shape will vary from stone to stone.  While these are polished, slight nooks and imperfections will inevitably be present.


Crystals can hold energies from everyone that handles them, so all our crystals are cleansed before shipping.


All crystals have been cleansed with mine and my guide Michael's


healing energy!

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