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My Name is Susan Bond, I am an International Medium/Clairvoyant


I have had contact with the spirit world, all of my life.


I was brought up in a Catholic environment, which made it rather difficult for me as I am

and have always been a spiritualist.  


It was impressed upon me that it was wrong to speak to spirit, but it has always felt right

to me. 


Speaking to spirit helped me through the difficult times of my childhood and throughout

my life.  They gave me hope and encouragement with messages and premonitions that

have actually saved my life on a couple of occasions and have always helped me

through the good and bad times.  I wouldn’t want to be without them.


Everyone has spirit guides and loved ones in the spirit world.  A Medium just acts as a communicator to pass on messages.  


I have been passing on these messages to loved ones for over 47 years now.  I have also helped numerous people communicate with their spirit guides and family members who have past over.





I have given many telephone readings to people in many different countries including America, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Czechoslovakia, Cyprus, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Fuerteventura, Crete, Tenerife, Jersey, Germany, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and all over the United Kingdom.


I offer insight and guidance on important issues in all aspects of your life.


All readings are sincere and confidential, so if you would like more information on my services, please visit by website main 




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