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To find out more about the healing properties about the main crystals I sell just click the links below to find out more information about that crystal.


Cleansing Crystals:


This is how I cleanse my personal crystals, and all the crystals I sell.


Dissolve sea salt in boiling water, add cold water to cool and place the crystals in the water for at least thirty minutes, I leave them in over night.


Then thoroughly rinse all the salt water off of them and dry them.


Then I will ask my guide to put his and my healing energy on the crystal.


I have had some very good reviews about how powerful the energy is on the crystals I have sold so far.


It is very important for you to cleanse your new crystals, if they are not already cleansed, when you get them from a store then they will have the energies from everyone who has touched them, so it's best to cleanse them!


Selenite and some other Crystals can not be cleansed in water, please check before you cleanse, some people like to cleanse crystals under the moonlight of a full moon, I will only use my guides and my energy on the crystals that cannot be put into water.

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