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How the Grids Work

How do the Grids Work?


First of all, all crystals need to be cleansed to remove the energy of all those who have come into contact with them. I cleanse all of the crystals I sell and the ones I have of my own.


I use sea salt water to cleanse most of the crystals, the ones that  cannot be placed in water I use Michael's (My Guides) energy to do so.  The grid then needs a centre piece larger than the other crystals, one crystal to left point of the centre piece and smaller crystals, I use tumble stones. Placed on the points of the template/pattern  to enhance what you want help/healing with and what you would like to attract into your life.


When laying out the crystals on the grid, you need to set your intention with each crystal as you place it on the grid, more information is on the setting-the-intention page


When the last crystal is placed the grid you can ignite the grid with the last crystal you placed on the grid on with a crystal wand. Once you have done this your grid will start to work, the grids should be placed in a room and left untouched for up to 40 days.


I have had some amazing results from the grids have set up for myself..


I am also able to make up bespoke grids for different things, I just had one person ask me if I could make up a grid for them to enhance their business, they have now set up that grid and I cannot wait to see the results.


So if you would like a specific grid made up, please email me, and I will make up a grid for you and send you a picture of it and I will be pleased to quote you a price.


Alternately you can make up a grid for your self.  I have put the least amount of crystal on the pictured grids, but you can add as many as you want of the same crystal used. Some people put a lot of crystals onto a grid to get more power!

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