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Lapis Lazuli

This crystal helps keep negative away.


It is a symbol of wisdom, good judgement and truth in the world.

It is also a crystal of deep awareness and brings in success into your life.


It is the most sought after stone, and has some very strong healing powers.


It is a deep royal blue with Pyrite (fool’s gold) flecks.

It is a great stone for enhancing your memory and brilliant for creating new ideas, it can also help with problem solving.


Healing properties:


It is really great for lowering your blood pressure, circulation, and to alleviate insomnia.


You can use it for eye infections, just put a piece of Lapis Lazuli into warm water, then wait for it to cool and just rub the crystal on the infected eye.


It also can relieve pain and inflammation.

Lapis Lazuli can help with brain injuries and the nervous system.