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Crystals for Lowering Blood Pressure


If you suffer from High Blood Pressure,

this is a MUST-READ Article


My Experience Could Help You!!


I recently was very poorly and decided to book an out of hours appointment which was at our local hospital, although the appointment was made as I have a swollen and blistered throat, the doctor put it down to a virus, however, she routinely took my blood pressure which was 187/127 which was very high.


The doctor was then more concerned about my blood pressure than my virus and decided to have me admitted in hospital to investigate.


Strangely enough, after being kept in my BP readings still high, anti-virus and a stronger BP medication was prescribed.


On returning home I asked Michael, my main guide, what else apart from my normal medication which I was taking could I do to help lower my blood pressure straight away. He told me to take some slow deep breaths in and out and to use some crystals to help, he said for me to use Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline, Sodalite & Clear Quartz.


He told me to place these four crystals on my heart area for around 15 minutes a day and then carry them around with me throughout the day.


So, I then got the crystals he mentioned from my shop in the form of polished tumblestones.  


My last reading before using the crystals was 183/106 which was a little lower than when I was at the hospital but was pretty constant for the last 10 hours or so.


I placed the crystals on my heart for 15 minutes and then took my blood pressure, it read 138/82, absolutely amazing.


I then decided to get a chip bracelet in all of the crystals I had used and have worn them ever since. My blood pressure has stayed constantly lower and is now between 128/72 – 130/76, that of a lady in her 20’s and at nearly 60 years old, I am delighted with the results.


So, don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself, it has really helped me, of course always get medical professional advice for any problems you have, but definitely worth a try.


Lapis Lazuli


•Helps flush out toxins out of the blood vessels, it can also help to regulate your heartbeat.

•It can strengthen your immune system.

•Wear it or place it on your heart chakra to help lower your blood pressure.


Black Tourmaline


•This is a stone to help lower & maintain your blood pressure and is also a good protective stone.

•Helps keep stress & negativity away.

•Helps the nervous system.




•Good at lowering blood pressure really quickly.

•Helps to keep a healthy heart vibration.

•Helps calm stress.


Clear Quartz


•Amazing amplifier to all other crystals it is used with.


Other Crystals that are good for lowering blood pressure are Emerald, Rhodonite & Malachite, although I have not tried them.


I have been wearing my bracelets now for over two weeks and my blood pressure is staying normal.


Over the coming weeks I will take them off and try one at a time (always using with the clear quartz) to see if one crystal type has the biggest influence or whether they all need to be worn to get these amazing results.

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Blood pressure facts and figures


•When your heart beats, it pumps blood round your body to give it the energy and oxygen it needs. As the blood moves, it pushes against the sides of the blood vessels. The strength of this pushing is your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high, it puts extra strain on your arteries and your heart.


•High blood pressure is responsible for more than half of all strokes and heart attacks. High blood pressure is also a risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease and vascular dementia.


•In the UK high blood pressure is the third biggest risk factor for all disease after smoking and poor diet.


•Around one in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure. In England 31% of men and 26% of women have high blood pressure.


•Half of people with high blood pressure are not diagnosed or receiving treatment. In England alone there are more than five million people that are undiagnosed.


•High blood pressure rarely has any symptoms which is why it is called the ‘silent killer’. The only way to know you have the condition is to get your blood pressure measured.


•High blood pressure costs the NHS over £2.1 billion every year.


•Every blood pressure reading consists of two numbers, shown as one number on top of the other. The first (top) number is your systolic blood pressure. It is the highest level your blood pressure reaches when your heart beats. The second (or bottom) number is your diastolic blood pressure. It is the lowest level your blood pressure reaches as your heart relaxes between beats.


•An ideal blood pressure reading is between 90/60mmHg (millimetres of mercury) and 120/80mmHg.


•You have high blood pressure if your readings are consistently above 140/90mmHg.


•Every 10mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events by 20%.


•High blood pressure is one of the most preventable and treatable conditions. However, between 50-80% of people with high blood pressure do not take all of their prescribed medication.


•Someone with high blood pressure that is well controlled reduces their risk of stroke and heart disease to almost that of a person who does not have high blood pressure.


•The risks increase with each 2 mmHg rise in systolic blood pressure associated with a 7% increased risk of death from coronary heart disease and a 10% increased risk of death from stroke.


•High blood pressure was responsible for approximately 75,000 deaths in the UK in 2015.


•Reducing the average systolic blood pressure of the nation by just 5mmHg over 10 years would save £850million of NHS and Social Care spend.


•High blood pressure accounts for 12% of all GP appointments in England


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