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Setting the Intention

If you know how to connect to spirit, ask your guides to help set your intention on the crystals.


When your guides are with you hold one of your crystals in your hands and ask your guides and the universe for what you want from you grid as if you have it already.


So, if you are making a grid up to enhance your connection/communication with the spirit world an example would be to say something like ‘I am grateful for the brilliant contact I have with the spirit world’ and say the same sentence with each and every crystal you put on your grid.


I would write it down and read it every day at least five times a day.


Always have a centre piece that is larger than the other crystals on the grid, I prefer to use a point, cluster or crystal angel as they point up to the universe/spirit world.


I also have a crystal smaller than the centre piece but bigger than the others to the left of the centre piece.


When you have all the crystals on the grid you can ignite the grid, by using a wand or the very last crystal to be placed on the grid and circle them one by one in a continuous movement as if you are drawing a line around them  to connect them together.


Then your grid has started to work.



I have found them truly amazing and really work, I only wished I had used them earlier in my life.

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