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Shungite is widely known as the miracle stone, it can help you with physical ailments, it also helps boost mental health and brings positive energy.

Shungite is a mineral and is one of the strongest mineral healers, it contains fullerenes they are a powerful and long acting antioxidant.


It can also help with arthritis; you can simply wear a necklace or drink shungite water in small doses.


It is also used as a protective stone to protect you against negativity and evil.

This stone was first found in Russia, it has also been found in India, Austria and the Congo and a few other places in the world.


The healing properties of show guide happy news since the 18th century and it was known as the stone of life.


It has antibacterial properties it has also been told that a certain ruler of the Russian empire had set up a spa where shungite was used to purify the water.

The stone can also protect you against radiations from mobile telephones, televisions, microwaves and computers.


It is an earth chakra stone so has the benefit of keeping you grounded.

Healing properties:


Shungite can speed up recovery after illness or operation.

Also, shungite can bring spiritual growth.


Use shungite together with tigers’ eye to help you gain confidence.

Used with selenite to have mental peace.

Shungite is a calming stone.


I will sit and hold this stone for about half an hour when I have finished my spiritual work for the day.


Holding this stone when meditating or when doing spiritual work amplifies the healing properties and really helps to alleviate headaches, muscle pain, blood pressure, back pain and inflammation, it also helps your immune system, and with arthritis.


It can be use it as an elixir, it can detoxify the body and increases the rate of healing and cell growth. Shungite water can easily be made by simply putting the stone in water for a short time.